Frequently Answered Questions

Frequently Answered Questions

We know that finding the right hop for your beer isn't always an easy process and can result in a lot of questions. As such, the information below is designed to help provide answers and ensure your order experience goes as smoothly as possible. If after looking through the most frequently answered questions you still haven't found what you need, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact a member of our staff.

We're happy to help in any way that we can.

Please keep in mind, is currently limited to commercial breweries in the United States. If your brewery is located outside of the United States, please contact a member of our YCH HOPS Sales Team. Home brew retailers, please contact Brewcraft USA or LD Carlson Company. Packaging size, price and availability may vary.

We thank you for understanding that has been established to process spot orders on a pay-and-take format. Completed orders with ship as is and cannot be combined with any other shipment. If you have specific needs, please contact our team to arrange future spot orders as needed. 

How can I know that 2015 (or earlier) hops are still fresh?

The pellet production process increases storage stability. Hop pellets stored in low-oxygen, temperature-controlled environments degrade at a slow, gradual rate, and are very stable. Lots from 2015 or prior have been sampled using current production standards and have been analyzed by YCH's lab and sensory teams to ensure all quantitative and qualitative characteristics are intact. 

Do I have to be a YCH HOPS customer to purchase spot hops?

No. Spot hop purchases are available to any commercial brewing customer in North America. We do ask that you create an account for your purchases so you information can be up-to-date and if you are a YCH HOPS customer, we do require that:

  • Any overdue storage, finance or product fees be clear prior to completing any spot sales
  • All contracted inventory from previous crop years be shipped or actively restructured
  • The requested variety/varieties not be on any prior year hop contract
Can I purchase spot hops on my YCH HOPS customer account?

Spot hop purchases are currently offered with credit card terms only and sales will be final. 

Do you have (______) hops?

Spot availability is limited and subject to change. As a result, we cannot guarantee that all varieties will be available, or for how long. To view a complete list of our current inventory, click here.

Do you have a waitlist for out-of-stock varieties?

No. Due to the agricultural nature of hops, we cannot guarantee that additional stock will become available. If there is a variety you are interested in that is currently out-of-stock, we encourage you to check back periodically to see if availability has changed. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with current promotions or announcements.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

All sales are per pack type. While there is no minimum order quantity, the minimum quantity will align with the smallest pack size chosen. For standard hop pellets, our smallest pack size is 11 lbs (5 Kilos).

When will my order ship?

Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing. A confirmation e-mail will be provided for all spot availability orders once shipping is complete. This email will contain the subject "Paid Order Receipt" and will be confirmation you order has been received and will be your invoice for your order. Tracking numbers for your order will follow once processing is complete.  

Can I order now and ship later?

Unfortunately, no. All spot sales will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days as-is in the confirmed order. If you are looking for future availability, we encourage you to speak with a member of the YCH HOPS sales team about hop contracting. 

Can I expedite my order?

Yes, expedited shipping options are available during checkout. Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing in addition to shipping time-in-transit.

YCH HOPS' spot availability purchases will be shipped from Washington State, primarily postal code 98902. To view UPS' time-in-transit map, click here.

What is your return, refund and/or exchange policy?

All sales on are final. Purchased hops are not eligible for return, refund or exchange; orders completed cannot be altered after check out.To view the complete policy, click here.  This includes adding or subtracting quantities after the confirmed order. If you are needing additional product, please place another spot order to fulfill your need. 

Can I contract with YCH HOPS?

We would love to work with you to fulfill your hop needs for many years to come. If you are new to YCH HOPS and are interested in establishing a hop contract, please visit our "New Account Request" page on

Please note, in order to service breweries of all sizes, YCH HOPS has established a strategic market segmentation partnership with The Country Malt Group based on annual production per region, as outlined below.

  • Pacific Northwest - 1,000 barrels
  • Pacific, Mountain West & Midwest - 2,500 barrels
  • Northeast & South - 5,000 barrels

If you are a brewery within the United State producing more than these provided thresholds, please continue to to fill out the New Account Request Form. A member of the YCH HOPS sales team will then be in contact to help walk you through the contracting process.

If you are producing less than the provided thresholds, please download a copy of the CMG New Account Request Form and contact The Country Malt Group.

When will current crop year hops be available for spot purchase?

Current crop year hops will be released for sale after production is complete. Typically this is around the beginning of the calendar year depending on variety and availability.

What are the brewing values of the hops I purchased?

Complete Certificate of Analysis information is available online via the YCH HOPS Lot Analysis Lookup tool. Once there, enter the lot number(s) from your recent purchase and click "Show Analysis." Results can be downloaded for easy recipe inclusion or printed for your records.

Why do the hops I purchased say Yakima Chief or Hopunion instead of YCH HOPS?

YCH HOPS was formed in 2014 when Yakima Chief, Inc. and Hopunion LLC combined operations. As a result, some previous crop year inventory may be branded as Yakima Chief, Inc. or Hopunion LLC.

All product will be shipped as is.

What are the requirements for purchasing spot hops?

Spot hop purchases are available to any commercial licensed brewery in the United States. If you are currently contracted with YCH HOPS, we do require that:

  • Any overdue storage, finance or product fees be clear prior to completing any spot sales
  • All contracted inventory from previous crop years be shipped or actively restructured
  • The requested variety/varieties not be on a prior year hop contract

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